Tips for Running with Type 1 Diabetes


Running with type 1 diabetes can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous endeavor but it can be done.  I struggle with this from time to time as I know others do.  There are a few basics that I recommend for any diabetic starting to run or perform some other type of endurance activity.

First and foremost if you are going out by yourself make sure someone knows your plans.  This includes route, distance, and approximate finish time.

Second never leave without your phone.  I know there is a push for running disconnected but in our case it is to important that we have a way to contact someone in case of an emergency.  I actually combine 1 and 2, utilizing the Road ID app for my IPhone so my wife can track my whereabouts.  The great thing about this app is that if your are stationary for five minutes or longer it sends an alert out to those who are following you.  Very nice if you pass out in the middle of a run.

Third always take some type of energy with you.  This doesn’t matter what it is; it can be as simple as some jelly packets you lifted from your favorite breakfast spot.

Fourth it is smart if you take a glucometer with you.  With the Dexcom CGM I’m always connected; as well as my wife and youngest son.  These are the two people who monitor me the most; they utilize the Dexcom share app on their phones so they can set alert levels based on my activity.

Fifth be aware of how much insulin you have taken prior to the activity.  Insulin can build up in the body and as you exercise its effects can increase leading to a hypoglycemic incident.  If you follow the first four recommendations listed above you can lessen the chance of that hypoglycemic incident.

Post Author: Kerri Fulkerson

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