STUBBORNNESS: Enemy to a Diabetic

It’s Labor Day weekend and I’m visiting my brother in KY.  It’s been a good weekend except for diabetes control. My sugar’s been averaging around 240.  Harvey visited us this weekend; this isn’t a family member you’ve longed to see. It’s that nasty storm that destroyed southeast TX, it dropped the temps into the low 50s here and dropped some 4+ inches of rain. Needless to say exercising was out of the question; the forecast predictions were off and I didn’t pack right.  Friday my sugar hit 400. What did I do, grab my pump controls and take insulin. My wife tried to get me to walk; I didn’t listen. Total insulin usage 64 units, my sugar barely dropped below 300.

Saturday wasn’t much different.  Highs all day, I still refused to exercise. We came to the conclusion that my Omnipod pump was in a bad location. Instead of listening to my wife and changing it I decided to take shots.  I went to my bag, no syringes.  Instead of changing my pump I call the nearest CVS to see if I can buy syringes.  My Endo in the past has told me that sometimes my pump therapy needs a little help so taking shots can help. Off to CVS we go.  I get back and take a shot.  It seems to work. We get my sugar down to 180. While all this is going on my CGM starts having issues.  Instead of listening to my wife and changing my sensor, I check my sugar with my meter and go on.  Eventually my sugar would drop to below 70.  Great I can eat supper.  Next thing I know my sugar is back up to over 300. I take another shot and it drops again. I tell my wife I’ll be OK and we can look at changing my pod in the morning.  Total intake 44 units via pump and 20 via shots.

Sunday morning I wake up and my sugar is over 300.  I finally give in to my wife and change my pump.  With my sugar over 300 I have to walk instead of run.  Ended up walking twice for a total of 2.5 miles. My sugar finally starts coming down.  One problem though; I have a 4.5 hr car ride in front of me.  Fast forward to Monday and I still haven’t gained control back of my sugar.  With all Of the ups and downs from the weekend I am in no shape to run or even walk.

Finally on Tuesday my sugar back under control; I still don’t feel like exercising.  I’m still exhausted from my weekend of Diabetes hell.  Wednesday there is no difference; good sugar control but no energy to exercise.  It has been a week since I have exercised at all.

Just think if I hadn’t of been stubborn and listened to my wife all would be different.

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